STEFFIE’S SONG (for WBAI’s Steffie Brooks – Sept. 23, 1951 – Feb. 9, 2009)

CLICK HERE to hear song performed by Nalini Lasciewicz
Lyrics by Mitchel Cohen

I dreamed that you were standing
On a field of broken glass
Rallying the daffodils
To lead the working class
And from this vantage shivering
In a world that time forgot
They rise anew to greet you
In your communistic plot

I dreamed we were imprisoned
In Eternal Now of youth
Racing to the barricades
So certain of the Truth
And as we aged truth became
Contextualized by fear
Of life’s insignificance
As though we were never here

But here / we / stand
The endgame of our days
Take / my / hand
And do not be afraid
Truth still lives
Beyond us and it will
Always thrive
In this roar of daffodils

– Lyrics by Mitchel Cohen
Music by Nalini Lasciewicz


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