Mitchel Cohen (19) in 1968 at SUNY Stony Brook

Hi folks,

I’m having a rough time of it today as I remember the close friends and acquaintances who died this year and last. I was just wondering if anyone else is feeling that way too ….

I’m still in shock over many of folks, snatched away and disappeared from our lives.

I thought of Mark Rausher today, as I often have done — “Computer Mark” was a longtime friend, living in Sheepshead Bay and later in New Paltz. We’d typeset at The Nation together (where we met) in the early 1980s. When my computer crashed today, I instantly thought “Call Mark!”, my go-to guy in everything computer related, and time glitched, a breathless gasp when I realized he’d died on New Years Day this year.

Hard to catch my breath.

So I’ll just list here some others, mostly friends and comrades meaningful to me, and maybe some of them to you, along with a few famous people who’ve died since 2020. For me, there are personal stories that go with each of them (like somehow I ended up with my friend Saralee Hamilton (RIP Saralee) at Barbara Ehrenreich’s wedding at her house somewhere in the 80s). Hard to believe that I am actually older than were a number of those listed here, most of whom I knew personally ….

Annette Averette
Day Star Chou
Frank Carr
Kevin Zeese
Glen Ford
Seth Farber
Patricia Logan
Ricardo Alarcon
Doug Appel
Stanley Aronowitz
Mickey Aronson
Ed Asner
Marty Balin
Kathy Boudin
Bari Boone
Alan Canfora
Ernesto Cardenal
Bob Carpenter
Harold Channer
Therese Chorun
Ramsey Clark
Colia Clark
Fritzi Cohen
Cecil Corbin-Mark
Binny Ipcar Corell
David Crowe
Chandler Davis
Diane DiPrima
Bruce Dixon
Barbara Ehrenreich
Toby Emmer
Bob Fass
Anne Feeney
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Milton Fisk
Arly Fox-Daly
Carol Friedman Russell
Todd Gitlin
Barbara Goldberg
Dr. Seymour Goldstein
David Graeber
David Ray Griffin
Connie Hogarth
Wadiya Jamal
Jim Johnson
Danny Kalb
Paul Kantner
Chuck Kaufman
Charlotte Koons
Sheldon Krimsky
Michael Lardner
Faith Legier
Thomas Lord
Mort McKlosky
Gerald Meyer
Helena Miele (Earthmum)
Charlene Mitchell
Dr. Luc Montagnier
John Molyneux
John Moran
Bob Moses Parish
Marilyn Naparst
Leo Panitch
Dorothy Williams-Pereira*
Daryll Williams-Pereira*
Delores Perri
Jeff Perry
Cecile Pineda
Sidney Poitier
William Pleasant
Frank Polanski
Louis Proyect
Arpad Pusztai
Joan Rausnitz Heymont
Peter Roman
Betty Garman Robinson
Bill Ross
Bill Russell
Vic Sadot
Tom Seaver
Bernice Silver
Patrick Sky
Kent Smith
Ann Snitow
Meredith Tax
Tania Temkin
Peter Lamborn Wilson
Holly Yasui
Sally Zinman

*I just learned a few days ago of Dorothy and Daryll’s deaths last year. Former Manhattan Boro President Gale Brewer wrote a note regarding these Green activists saying that Bellevue hospital was negligent in their treatment! Need to learn more.

Still sinking in ….. Thanks for listening – CLICK HERE



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