The Permanent Carnival: Poems

Mitchel Cohen’s new book of poetry, “The Permanent Carnival,” is now available. Please¬†click here.

HEAR Mitchel’s audio rendition of the lead poem, The Permanent Carnival, click here

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When my father died
They tied his wrists and ankles
Lifted his body

And then we were young
He swings me in Brighton Beach
Sky holds no limits

Leafy fingers of
Elm, Maple and Sycamore
Sweep my horizons

Stretch out for me. He
Runs me on bicycle, lets
Go, this world is mine

His body is brown
Fairer than I remembered
And the tattoo of

The hula dancer
Needled into his right arm
In the Philippines

World War 2 Marine
Has finally stopped twitching.
Goodbye, my hero.


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