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Marxists and the Ecological Dimension: Is Marx’s Critique of Science and Technology Radical Enough? By Mitchel Cohen FOR YEARS, AS I’VE BEEN ACTIVE IN SOCIAL JUSTICE MOVE­MENTS I’VE WORKED WITH PEOPLE WHO CALL THEMSELVES MARXISTS. I taught an underground course at Stony Brook for 16 years called “Marxism for Beginners”. And the group that I […]

THE CAPITALIST INFESTO (Part Two: What Is To Be Undone?)

What Is To Be UnDone? With all of this in mind, I offer the following six proposals for greening Marxism, which is essential if we are going to both save the planet and transform society in a socially and economically meaningful way. I call this framework “Deep Marxism”: (1) Oppose genetic engineering not only as […]


O, pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth, That I am meek and gentle with these butchers!   – William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar A specter is haunting this planet — the specter of biological devastation and ecological catastrophe. It is ravaging the ecosystems sustaining life. Butterflies, frogs, bees, whole familiar species are in sudden danger […]

Z Magazine Publishes My Article On Lawrence Summers in February Issue

In February 2011, Z Magazine printed my article, Lawrence Summers, Goodbye and Good Riddance: Obama’s Winter of Neo-Liberal Discontent. You can view it at the link above or download it via the Z-Mag PDF version here: lawrence-summers-goodbye-and-good-riddance-by-mitchel-cohen. Check it out! Here’s the full article (before Z Mag edited out the parts about Al Gore and […]