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Dear Mitchel:

What would happen if I swallowed an olive pit?

Concerned in Kensington


Dear CIK:

You’d be a pitiful person …. :-)

You’d grow an olive tree in your stomach, and Israel would cut off your water supply.

You’d remain a “virgin” pressed party girl.

The olive pit is probably asking its mom the same question.



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  • Richard says:

    Mitchel, I’m seething about this Canadian goose issue and would like to join some common mass counter-idiotic(description much too mild and non-encompassing I know) group empowerment action to deal a true blow to our “leaders” who are acting insane(read asinine, platitudinous, obscenely evil……)using positions of power and our worthless/dangerous tax dollars(they become worthless/dangerous when they hit the wrong hands which they always seem to do). I know nothing about you or your views but based on your comments on this issue you’ve become a “person of interest” and thus why I’m writing this today.
    As to what can be done to push back on this issue how’s this for a possibility. I was thinking there’s so much passion and anger for this disgrace that it would be possible to get a huge amount of small Canadian flags,even better at half mast and/or with an image of a “squadron” of Geese on it(since this was an attack on a branch of the Canadian Air Force)into the hands of many people who give a damn and want to show it. Also, this overt display would be news worthy and even rile up folks north of the border who might not be aware what’s being done by some of their “sensitive, peaceful, loving” neighbors down here. I know I would be most happy, and I’m sure most others, to shell out five bucks or so to cover cost and distribution and better yet leave a profit to fill a fund for future good use on issues of common interest. Hopefully these thoughts will lead to better thoughts and more importantly to actions which are productive to righteous causes and counter-productive to the appallingly bad ones.

  • Lenny Shames says:

    Hey, are you the Mitch Cohen who went to
    Stony Brook in the late sixties/early seventies? You ARE, aren’t you??!!

  • jack magnus says:

    I remember you from Stony Brook. You wrote a poem about me while I was sleeping in the student center…;) don’t know what happened to it, but I do remember you giving it to me. good to know you’re still writing…

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