This website is dedicated to the Memory of my comrades, friends, lovers, radicals, fellow poets in the circle in and around the Red Balloon Collective and Poetry Conspiracy, the No Spray Coalition, and/or the Brooklyn Greens, who died before they could get their full licks in (but who at least got in some good ones while they were here). Thank you for standing up for humanity in an era of robots. (Click on their names, for photos and things I’ve written about them over the years.)

Abe Cohen
Werner “Tom” Angress
Judi Bari
Rosalyn Fraad Baxandall
Steve Becker
Kate Berrigan
Susan Blake
Steffie Brooks
Dennis Brutus
Iris Burlock
Crysta Casey
David Cline
Alexander Cockburn
Abe Cohen
Lenny Cohen
Rachel Corrie
Pat Dalto
Enid Dame
Chris Delvecchio
Peggy Dye
Bryna Eill
Liz Fink
Bob Fitch
Dan Foss
Peter Freund
Fred Friedman
John “Tito” Gerassi
Garda Ghista
Mollie Goldstein
Ibrahim Gonzalez
Saralee Hamilton
Connie Holland
Ralph Klaber
Robert Knight
Ray Korona
Tuli Kupferberg
Maria Kuriloff
Carl Lesnor
Richard Levins
Lee Lorch
Grandpa Al Lewis
Manning Marable
Fr. Paul Mayer
Bernie McFall
Will Miller
Ward Morehouse
Shari Nezami
Phil Ochs
Mike Pahios
Gloria Pasin
Paul Robeson
Franklin Rosemont
Mario Savio
Kathryn Shay
Michael Shenker
Valerie Sheppard
Daniel Simidor/Andre Elizee
Patty Staib
Sam Walters
Leonard Weinglass
Brad Will
Shannon Williams
Dave Wycoff
Sol Yurick
Frieda Zames
Howard Zinn

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  • Claude Horvath says:

    Thanks for honoring the people above this way. Keeping their memory alive extends at least a vestige of their lives. Well done!

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