Saralee Hamilton died Dec. 7, 2006 in Philadelphia.

By Mitchel Cohen

Saralee Hamilton, who died Dec. 7 in Philadelphia, had more fingers in more pots than any other activist I know.

I am extremely sad to have to inform you that our great friend, comrade, sarcastic hell-raiser, women’s liberation participant, antiwarrior and networker par excellence, and defender of the ducks of the world,

Saralee Hamilton

died in a Philadelphia hospital last night (Dec. 7) around 6 pm from pneumonia and other complications resulting from the aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatments she had been receiving for cancer since last June.

Her pal Joyce Miller was with her when she died (thank you for being there, Joyce!), and a loving parade of Saralee’s friends and co-workers at the American Friends Service Committee visited her during the day at Hahneman University Hospital.

I spoke with her on the telephone apparently just a few minutes before she was wheeled away for a “procedure” to remove blood clots near her heart that were hindering her use of oxygen. I am not sure if she died during that procedure or immediately thereafter. My last words to her before hanging up were the greetings she always gave in answering her phone: “Quack, quack!”

When I spoke with her the other day, she was in desperate health straits but still full of plans for pushing forward her work against U.S. military bases around the world (particularly in the Philippines) and the destruction of women, in particular, that they bring.

She will be cremated, and I’ll post further information when I receive it ….

I invite you to post memories and thoughts of Saralee, a wonderful and supportive friend to our movements and in particular to me, the Red Balloon Collective, the No Spray Coalition, and the direct action section of the Greens.

Saralee Hamilton, QUACK! QUACK!

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  • Elona Evans-McNeill says:

    SaraLee was a classmate of min e at St. Cecilia’s Academy. She was probably the most brilliant member o our senior class. She sat one or two seats behind me and always had a bunch of books and papers n the floor all around her which we would have to always step over. I remember she wore a black arm band when Kennedy was elected president. She had an opinion (very strong) on EVERYTHING. I had attempted to look her up to se3e if you had become the brain surgeon she wanted to be in high school. We are having our 50th class reunion and will remember her fondly there. One of the bright stars in the sky has her name on it.
    RIP my friend.

  • Joan Swift Oxendine, Ph. D. says:

    Saralee and I were classmates at St. Cecilia’s. I often wondered what became of her after high school;surely she would have succeeded in anything she tried. Now,I know that she made a tremendous contribution to us all.

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