These are actual quotes taken from the early morning edition and the later edition of the New York Times on June 3, 1994. They show how the Times carefully re-frames the ideological perspective it wants to convey, even between editions a few hours apart on the same day. (By the way, they had it right in the early edition.)

How about this?


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  • Denise says:

    Wow! And there it is…in ‘black and white’.
    Probably unnoticed by most since most people wouldn’t have read the early and late editions of the same article.

  • jess says:

    and? why read either for any sense of truth?

  • Barbara Trypaluk says:

    Another reason why I don’t read Time. This is mind control and it helps keep everyone in their place.

  • John Wilmerding says:

    You will read and watch only what we tell you to. Anything that calls attention to large-scale societal rights abuses and systematized structural violence in your home society will not be featured or revealed to you, because of the need to keep you under control. You may not try to influence the thoughts and feelings of others in your society. Yours is a society of individualism; therefore, you will keep to yourself and live out your life quietly, without disruption. Your peace is not your own; it is ours, and we determine its terms. You do not ask for terms or for changes in your condition; you must accept what is dealt to you.

    • I like your reply John Wilmerding. It is exactly what Ed Bernays and the Tavistock Agenda does! The Corporatocracy has become a common name for those corporations that have control over our government, a knew term for me anyway is the Cryptocracy which is involved with mind control, destabilization of governments, manufacturing artificial wants and needs, spin and Think Tanks etc. (Look to The Tavistock Agenda on You Tube.

  • howie c says:

    I’m glad to finally learn by comparison what exactly the word “coalition” means (fascist-backed). Thank you for supporting the fascist, um I mean the coalition government, all those years, Mr. Clinton. I also find it deplorable that a good Time artist was declined his/her obulous for a good picture captured at risk of life and limb for the work of a 7 year-old naiive scribbler. Anxiety has reached emergency proportions in the USA and its importance obviously supercedes the priority of the Arab revolution that’s gotten out of US’ control. Note too that the anxious person’s blood line is suffocation his x-chromasome. This plump sexist subliminal message reinforces my unwavoring belief in Time magazine as a true reflection of Amerikkkan values. Appropriate would be the reversal of the titles. I also feel that an appropriate question is, “Why was the US magazine powerless to stop the printing of the Redux title all over the world? Is there a anti-Amerikkan coalition within Time magazine outside the country?” Keep up the good work mitch, howie

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