“Dan Berrigan was a moral giant and the closest thing we have in our society to a prophet.”  – Jeremy Scahill

Mitchel Cohen writes: I was standing in the back of the jam-packed, magnificent Church of St. Francis Xavier on W. 16th St. in Manhattan Friday for the funeral and “sending off” of liberation theology Catholic priest, poet and anti-war hero Dan Berrigan, when the entire church — following the choir’s lead — broke into Schiller’s “Ode to Joy” from Beethoven’s 9th. Spine-chilling and beautiful. As Dan Berrigan’s casket was carried slowly through the church and out into the waiting hearse,  people broke the protocol and cheered and roared appreciation of a wonderful and meaningful life. Ohhhhh …….

  • AUDIO from last few minutes of Dan Berrigan’s funeral by Mitchel Cohen. Click HERE.
  • Jeremy Scahill — author of Blackwater and Dirty Wars — remembers his times and inspirations with Dan Berrigan and the love of ice cream. From great coverage by Democracy Now! Click HERE.
  • Amy Goodman, Frida Berrigan, Bill Quigley, “Dan Berrigan: A Moral Giant” on Democracy Now! Click HERE.

From Jeremy Scahill’s interview on Democracy Now!

In 1981, on CNN, Chris Wallace says to Dan Berrigan, basically, “Well, you used to be famous, but nobody really pays much attention to what you do these days.” Meanwhile, a year earlier, Dan and his colleagues had gone into this nuclear plant at the General Electric factory in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and hammered on Mark 12A warheads, starting the Plowshares Movement, which became global. But Dan’s response to Chris Wallace was just classic Dan Berrigan and also just sort of stunning in its simple brilliance. He said, “Well, you know, we don’t view our conscience as being tethered to the other end of a television cord.”

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