Nelson Mandela is now widely seen as a hero, exemplifying what is best in the human spirit. But some of those same folks today extolling Mandela’s virtues are also the ones who locked him in South Africa’s dungeons and condemned him for taking up arms against the vicious Apartheid regime.

One of Mandela’s equally heroic comrades was Dennis Brutus, the great poet, thinker and revolutionary. CLICK HERE to hear Mitchel Cohen’s interview with Dennis Brutus, who died four years ago.

Right near the beginning, Dennis reflects on the time that Nelson Mandela while underground came to his apartment to hide out from the apartheid death squads funded by the United States government and multinational corporations.

Below is a photo of Dennis Brutus with our hearty band of n’er-do-wells at dinner in Park Slope, Brooklyn, following the radio interview in July 2008. Dennis died on December 26, 2009 at 85 years of age.

Dinner in Brooklyn (July, 2008) with Dennis Brutus. From Left (clockwise): Robert Gold, Dennis Brutus, Shaune Velasquez, Murray Gordon, Alison Cichowski, Cathryn Swan, Frank LeFever, Mitchel Cohen

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