Below is a link to a revised edition of my 2008 Steal This Radio show with Lynne Stewart & Ralph Poynter, updated to include Lynne’s current health crisis and the petition to release her from jail on compassionate grounds.

I am making this publicly available to for broadcasting, and for rallying listeners to sign the petition at

The show is quite DIFFERENT than you might expect! CLICK HERE to download it, but BE CAREFUL — It’s 600mb as a WAV file and runs 58 minutes: 25 seconds, so only download it if you’re prepared to receive such a large file. And, if you’re planning to broadcast it, please let me know so I can get the word out.

Thank you!

Mitchel Cohen
Secretary, WBAI (99.5 FM in NYC) Local Station Board, and
Author, “What Is Direct Action: Lessons from (and to) Occupy Wall Street” (Preface by Richard Wolff) (596 pages). CLICK HERE for book.

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