WHY I WON’T WATCH THE STUPOR BOWL SUNDAY: The NFL doesn’t mind if Black players get a concussion. They just mind if they get a conscience.
Here’s why I won’t watch:

Mitchel Cohen files report from rally of 2,000 supporters of football quarterback Colin Kaepernick, August 23, 2017 at National Football League headquarters on Park Avenue in New York City. In support of the Black Lives Matter movement that opposes the hundreds of police killings of Black people every year in the U.S., Kaepernick kneeled for “Star Spangled Banner” and has since been whitelisted from professional football. (How come in Churches and Synagogues it’s a sign of devotion to kneel while praying, but in sports stadiums it’s grounds for banning?)

Mitchel Cohen with Marilyn Berkon filed this report for WBAI / Pacifica radio: A visit to the Yiddish Theater exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York, August 2016.


Steal This Radio“, hosted by Mitchel Cohen, Anti-Copyright — click on the name of the guest below to listen or to download any of these shows. CLICK HERE to see full list in chronological order of 117 shows.

Interviews with Guests:


Derrick Jensen has authored 12 books on teaching, writing, the ecological crisis, and the pending collapse of civilization.
Mitchel Cohen, Sandy Griffin and Shaune Velazquez question Derrick about his great book, Walking on Water: Reading, Writing and Revolution, and about non-oppressive ways of teaching — in public schools and in prisons. Also, Mitchel reports on GroundHog Day in New York City — and the politically astute GroundHog that bit the Mayor!
On Steal This Radio #71, we expand the theme to address the ecological crisis and the responsibilities of enviro-activists. Along the way, many fine stories by both Derrick Jensen and Mitchel Cohen, some of them even relevant to the issues at hand. ;-)
Derrick Jensen’s website is

Mitchel Cohen interviews STUART NEWMAN brilliant exposition on evolutionary development, genetics, and a Left critique of Darwinism.


Photo: Len Weinglass & Dave Dellinger, 1970.

Mitchel Cohen interviews Len Weinglass about the complexities of the Cuban Five legal case.


Dinner with Dennis Brutus in Brooklyn. Seen here clockwise: Robert Gold, Dennis Brutus, Shaune Velasquez, Murray Gordon, Alison Cichowski, Cathryn Swan, Frank Lefever, Mitchel Cohen.


Anthropologist and Social-Ecologist Chaia Heller, Paris, 1999. Here she talks with Mitchel Cohen about Social-Ecology, Murray Bookchin, Anarchism & Feminism, and her latest book on the current French agrarian movement organizing (Jose Bove, etc.).


Brian Tokar takes us on a tour de force of Climate Justice movements and the issues underlying Global Climate change, coal sequestration, mountain-top mining, the increasing corporate influence over UN policy, carbon-trading, nuclear power, and greenhouse gas emissions. A great and informative interview.
Also, the first broadcast of Long Island activist Brian O’Hare’s new song “Thanks to the Banks”.
Follow the Climate Justice movement at the following websites:


Brian & Marcy sing their songs LIVE in the studio, most from their new album Capitalism is War:

“Don’t sleep through the Revolution”
“American Zero”
“Ode to the Power of Protest”
“Capitalism is War”

and they join Mitchel Cohen in his sarcastic “holiday” song, “Gimme that Ol’ Time Religion”


Interview with radical journalist, author and philosopher John ‘Tito’

Gerassi was writing for the NY Times in 1962 and later Newsweek when he was sent to cover Che Guevara shortly after the revolution in Cuba. He and Che became friends, and here Gerassi gives riveting anecdotes of those times, including the CIA’s attempt to poison Fidel Castro, and why one ended up poisoning him and 5 other journalists but left Fidel unscathed.

Gerassi, whose godfather was none other than famed French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre and whose parents were participants in the Spanish Civil War (his father became a General conducting the defense of Barcelona against the fascists), discusses all aspects of his life with Mitchel Cohen, Robert Gold, Linda Zises, and college students Malika and Joe, who also engage in a lively discussion near the end about the lives of students in the U.S. today.

Ashanti Allston (pictured here with Mitchel Cohen in Mexico City, 2006) is a former Black Panther Party member and political prisoner for 14 years. He is the Co-Chair of the Jericho Movement, and a member of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. In this August 2007 interview, Ashanti vividly describes a brazen attempt to free political prisoners from the Tombs in New York City. Ashanti, who describes himself as an anarchist and prison abolitionist,  explains why revolutionaries need to be feminists, nationalists need to also be class conscious, and the psychological pressures on revolutionaries that cause them to sometimes reproduce capitalist conditions and conditioning even as we’re fighting to change them. LISTEN HERE




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